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Our Intent

Farmers shape our world, lets shape their LIVES

Farmers toil in the searing heat and cold to produce food for the country. Small scale farmers face many challenges in having successful and profitable harvests. As they cannot make enough profits, they leave vocation or commit suicide. So, we created a platform so that the deprived farmers and willing donors can meet and provide absolute transparency throughout.

Our Vision

  • To emerge into a national platform that serves farmers and their wholesome needs.

Our Mission

  • To reach farmers across the province and address their needs
  • Design life thread hierarchy across stakeholders in the society
  • Employ these cross-connections for value generation, sustenance, and growth of the farming community.

Our Causes

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To create sustainable solutions for farmers across the country.
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Emboldened by our mission, we practically impact farmers’ livelihood.
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We are accelerating our efforts to end poverty among smallholder farmers.

Why you should donate

Your donation can make a huge difference in farmers’ life. It takes farmers’ blood, sweat and tears to produce food for our country. The farmers work harder from dawn till dusk. Below mentioned are some of the pain points the farmers are facing:

Rise in Suicides

The rise in farmers' suicide is because they are getting deeper into debt caused by insufficient income. Failure of crops and inefficient marketing add to their woes.

Marginalized Farmers

Marginalized farmers face many challenges that obstruct their growth in agriculture.

Natural Calamities

Floods, soil erosion, drought, etc., occur every year causing threats to farmers' livelihood and food security.

Farmers in distress

They face many challenges like large debts owed to landowners, poor agricultural marketing, failure of crops, climate change, lack of modern equipment, etc.

Main Problems faced by farmers frequently:

  • Insufficient water supply.
  • Lack of modern technology.
  • Over-dependence on traditional crops.
  • Poor storage facilities.
  • Lack of R & D technology.
  • High-interest rates.
  • No/low digital literacy.
  • No/low financial literacy.
  • No/low access to diverse government schemes.
How Adoptfarmers works

The Adoptfarmers team is investing continuously in researching - how to change the lives of our farmers? Why haven't other efforts made the desired difference in their lives? We are determined not to let them down, so we feel the system we have set up will produce results. Connecting Donors and Farmers at a personal level will not just become a charity; it creates a partnership. At the end of the day, the farmer gets what they need, and the donor experiences a sense of deep satisfaction of contributing towards the welfare of the struggling farmers and their families.

How exactly do we connect?

By visiting various villages, our field research team approaches needy farmers. After interacting with the farmers, registrations are gathered and screened before making them available on the website. The potential donors can adopt the farmer of their choice. After adoption, the donors can support the farmers financially. Every donation is awarded a certificate as a token of appreciation and remembrance.

Farmer Onboarding:
Farmer Flow
Donor Onboarding:
Donor Flow
Transparent Transactions
Transparent Transactions

Complete transparency in every transaction. Farmers are verified before registering and after through moderators to ensure every transaction is safe for both parties.

24/7 Chat

Direct connection between Farmers & Donors through a user-friendly dashboard, also on Android and IOS platforms.

Interactive and User Friendly
Interactive & User Friendly

Interactive dashboards for farmers, donors and administrators for smooth transactions. Farmers list their needs and expenses on the site. Donors respond with contributions.

Recognition and Benefits
Recognition & Benefits

Being an NGO and 501C company, donors get the option for tax exemption. Donors will be recognized by their name being listed at the farming sites.

Regd. Farmers
Regd. Donors
Farmers in India

Farmer sustainability rating is in negative

Verified Farmers

All Farmers

Bhupal Kusanale

Ainapur, Karnataka

Ramappa Naik

Belgaum, Karnataka

Lagamappa Pujeri

Belgaum, Karnataka

Yallappa Harijan

Islampur, Karnataka

Parasaram Hamani

Belgaum, Karnataka

Suresh Harijan

Islampur, Karnataka

Basappa Vantamuri

Islampur, Karnataka

Adiveppa Harijan

Islampur, Karnataka

Akkappa Shiranavar

Islampur, Karnataka

Shankar Jirali

Belgaum, Karnataka

Husensab Makandar

Islampur, Karnataka

Ramu Gudas

Islampur, Karnataka

Nagappa Yaddalgudda

Islampur, Karnataka

Farmer Name Recent Verified Farmers Requests Applied On Status
Panchayat/Village Location Crops Certification Number
Bhupal Kusanale , ADF-00019 17-Dec-2021 APPROVED_SECONDLEVEL
Ramappa Naik , ADF-00026 20-Dec-2021 APPROVED_SECONDLEVEL
Lagamappa Pujeri , ADF-00028 20-Dec-2021 APPROVED_SECONDLEVEL
Yallappa Harijan , ADF-00029 20-Dec-2021 APPROVED_SECONDLEVEL
Parasaram Hamani , ADF-00031 20-Dec-2021 APPROVED_SECONDLEVEL
Suresh Harijan , ADF-00036 20-Dec-2021 APPROVED_SECONDLEVEL
Basappa Vantamuri , ADF-00040 20-Dec-2021 APPROVED_SECONDLEVEL
Adiveppa Harijan , ADF-00050 20-Dec-2021 APPROVED_SECONDLEVEL
Akkappa Shiranavar , ADF-00054 20-Dec-2021 APPROVED_SECONDLEVEL
Shankar Jirali , ADF-00055 20-Dec-2021 APPROVED_SECONDLEVEL
Husensab Makandar , ADF-00063 20-Dec-2021 APPROVED_SECONDLEVEL
Ramu Gudas , ADF-00066 20-Dec-2021 APPROVED_SECONDLEVEL
Nagappa Yaddalgudda , ADF-00068 20-Dec-2021 APPROVED_SECONDLEVEL

Adopted Farmers

The adoption happened, care received
View All Farmers

Shantinath Savadatti

Belgaum, Karnataka

Adiveppa Shetteppa

islampur, Karnataka

Vijay Khotagi

Islampur, Karnataka

Ningappa Adinavar

Islampur, Karnataka

Basanayak Naik

Belgaum, Karnataka

Basavanni Naik

Belgaum, Karnataka

Parasappa Naik

Islampur, Karnataka

Sharadamma PH

Tumkur district,

Bazi Pil

Ratnagiri, Maharashtra

Farmer Name Recent Verified Farmers Requests Applied On Status
Panchayat/Village Location Crops Certification Number
Shantinath Savadatti , ADF-00003 16-Dec-2021 APPROVED_SECONDLEVEL
Adiveppa Shetteppa , ADF-00005 17-Dec-2021 APPROVED_SECONDLEVEL
Vijay Khotagi , ADF-00013 17-Dec-2021 APPROVED_SECONDLEVEL
Ningappa Adinavar , ADF-00015 17-Dec-2021 APPROVED_SECONDLEVEL
Basanayak Naik , ADF-00025 20-Dec-2021 APPROVED_SECONDLEVEL
Basavanni Naik , ADF-00030 20-Dec-2021 APPROVED_SECONDLEVEL
Parasappa Naik , ADF-00032 20-Dec-2021 APPROVED_SECONDLEVEL
Sharadamma PH , ADF-00137 31-Dec-2021 APPROVED_SECONDLEVEL
Bazi Pil , ADF-00408 25-Mar-2023 APPROVED_SECONDLEVEL


Donate to Change the Lives of Farmers.

Sirisha T

Research and marketing head ArSquare Development Pvt Ltd

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Madhavi R

Recent Donation

₹ 3000.00

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Dev Kumar

CEO Annanta Source, LLC

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₹ 4000.00

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Sufiyan Budye

Recent Donation

₹ 3500.00

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Funds Allocation

The ability to produce better crops raises their income. Better crops mean more nutritious food for all—a better future for the planet.

  • Lack of Agricultural supplies: Due to lack of quality products, the yield is decreasing and causing losses.
  • Repayment of loans: Unable to make profits, marginalized farmers repeatedly have loan repayments.
  • Machinery and tools: This initiative empowers farmers to access agricultural machinery and tools.
  • Others: Apart from the listed main challenges related to farming, there are a few other challenges that the farmers face as deprived farmers and individuals.
Agricultural supplies
Repayment of loans
Machinery & Maintenance

Agricultural Supplies

  • Seeds
  • Marketing Faliure
  • Soil Depletion
  • Irrigation Issues
  • Rotation of Crops
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Repayment of loans

  • Agricultural term Loan
  • Drip irrigation Loan
  • Allied Agricultural Activities
  • Crop Loan
  • Farm Mechanisation Loan
  • Solar Pump Set Loan
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Maintenance of machinery and tools

  • Land Cultivator
  • Harvester
  • Sowing
  • Post Harvesting
  • Transplanting
  • Material Handling
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Farmer Vlog

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From the Founder's Desk,


Dev Kumar Thappla


Being an agricultural country, nearly 70% of India's population is directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture. Agriculture in India depends highly on the monsoons. We're considered as one of the top agriculture-producing nations in the world. Alas! Our farmers are still poor.

Even after several decades, the plight of the Indian farmers remains the same. For example, failure of a good monsoon season leads to a series of droughts, the upper hand of the middlemen, and farmers' suicide cases, to name a few. If you observe it, things have always looked pretty bleak for the Indian farmers. Government policies and the slow approach towards alleviating the conditions of the farmers have stagnated the progress. One such example is the year-long farmers' protest against the (now scrapped) three farm laws—Farmers' Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Bill, 2020; Farmers (Empowerment and Protection) Agreement on Price Assurance and Farm Services Bill, 2020; and Essential Commodities (Amendment) Bill 2020. They had expressed their apprehension about the Minimum support price system scrapping.

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